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About Oshwal Education Trust & Colleges

During 1981, Jamnagar then was a small progressive town and a business hub, but did not have any proper educational institutions to cater to the varied requirements of the natives. At the same time then Governor of Punjab Shri Jaysukhlal Hathi who originally belonged to Gujarat voiced the feelings of many concerned parents of Jamnagar about the dearth of educational facilities and the urgent need of the people to bridge the demand and supply mismatch for an English Medium School. Shri Lakhamshi Govindji Haria was quick to respond and declared a donation of Rs. 11,11,111/- Original from Kajurda now settled in Mumbai. Thus the English Medium School started on 4th December, 1981 in two garages of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Looking to the growth of the school, it was felt that a separate building is required for school. Shri Kantilal Lakhamshi Haria who was Director of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation represented and worked hard for getling a piece of land from GIDC for construction of school building. Due to his unstinted efforts, GIDC gave a plot of land 4000 s.q miters in the heart of city free of cost and also donated Rs. 1.20 lacs towards construction cost of the building. The land was acquired on 28/2/1985.

The need was felt to have separate Trust for expanding educational activities, and to meet with the cost of building. Keeping this in mind a trust named Oshwal Education Trust was established on 14th January, 1986 by Shri Kantilal Lakhmshi Haria with the following Board of Trustees :-

  1. 1. Shri Jayantilal Lakhamshi Haria – Mumbai - Chairman
  2. 2. Shri Ramniklal Keshvji Shah – Jamnagar - Managing Trustee
  3. 3. Shri Premchand Devshi Shah – Jamnagar Expired
  4. 4. Shri Chandulal Raichand Shah – Jamnagar Hon. Secretary
  5. 5. Shri Premchand Virpar Chandaria – Jamnagar Expired
  6. 6. Shri Dharmshi Devraj Shah – Mumbai Expired
  7. 7. Shri Gulabchand Devraj Shah – Jamnagar Expired

Shri Kantilal L. Haria then appointed Shri Ramniklal Keshavji Shah as Managing Trustee of the Trust with total powers. Shri Jayantilal L. Haria was the Chairman of the Trust at that time.
Now Following on the Trustees of O.E.T.
1. Shri Kantilal L.Haria - Chairman - Mumbai
2. Shri Ramnikbhai K.Shah - Managing Trustee - Jamnagar
3. Shri Chandulal r.Shah - Hon. Secretary - Jamnagar
4. Shri Jayntilal L.Haria - Trustee - Mumbai
5. Shri Manishbhai K.Haria - Trustee - Mumbai
6. Shri Mohanlal G.Gosrani – Trustee - Jamnagar
7. Shri Shantilal D.Nagda - Trustee - Mumbai
8. Shri Bhartesh K Shah - Trustee - Jamnagar
9. Keshavji Meghji Gosarani - Trustee - Jamnagar


In order to pursue and realise our mission, following are the objectives of the college :
  1. To provide excellent education in Commerce, Management & in Computer Application.
  2. To prepare students for rewarding careers in business, industry, service sector and public systems.
  3. To develop students' decision making power and abilities of identifying, formulating and resolving management problems, critically and analytically.
  4. To inculcate professional ethics in studetns.
  5. To provide practical training and insight into the complex world of business.
  6. To train students for career as professional accountants / managers in organisation.
  7. To provide competent personnel, to the academic and business community.
  8. To make the students understand their responsibility towards the society.
  9. To uphold and create awareness and interest in the cultural tradition of our country and to inulcate a sense of appreciation for the culture of other countries of the world.