What does an account with the alumni portal facilitate?[click here]
The alumni portal registration will let you:
  • Connect with other OET Alumni
  • Receive updates on OET and alumni events
  • Explore lateral career opportunities
My registration was not accepted by the administrator. How do I ensure it does not happen again?[click here]
There are chances that the details you have entered do not match the information that we have about you in our database. You may resend your request to alumni@oshwaleducationtrust.org

How do I ensure that I remember my login ID?[click here]
Your login ID has been sent to your Email ID while registering with OET alumnni. Or you can click on Forgot Password button and proceed further for your Username and Password.

Why is a photo required? [click here]
A photo will add a face to your profile and will make it easily recognizable for other users.

Why does my SEARCH query give no results?[click here]
There are chances that your SEARCH query was wrongly spelt or that the database does not have person with a name that is similar to your SEARCH query.

How do I connect with a fellow alumnus?[click here]
There is a messaging option in the profile page of each alumnus, you can write a message and send it to the person. The message is delivered to the Inbox of that alumnus on the email ID that is registered on the alumni portal. You can also connect to the desired alumnus by going to their social networking profiles or by sending a friend request on Facebook, or alternatively, access them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

How do I post an employment position/opportunity on the portal?[click here]
You can go to the ‘Online Recruitement Portal’ on the OET website, which will lead you to a form that will ask for a few mandatory details to be filled in.

How do I connect with the alumni team for giving feedback or posting enquiries?[click here]
You may share your feedback with us by filling in your suggestions in the online feedback form. If your queries are not in the FAQ’s page, do connect with the CONTACT US page.